TFT Tuscaloosa

In December of 2000 the Tuscaloosa County Parks and Recreation Authority (PARA) opened Ol’Colony Golf Complex for the Tuscaloosa Community. During this time PARA agreed to adopt, implement, and support a First Tee Chapter at this facility. Their vision was to marry the existing junior golf program with Ol’Colony Golf Complex and The First Tee curriculum. For the first 6 years the program sat relatively stagnant due to the lack of interest, knowledge, and support from the community. During that time the chapter went through many changes and numerous directors. There were many time periods when the chapter was not operating due to the lack of finances, direction, and interest. During those initial six years the chapter was able to attain about 85 young people – most of who were already involved in golf prior to the First Tee. In 2006 The First Tee of Tuscaloosa County made some changes to their chapter.

In one year, the number of participants jumped from 85 to 238; and by 2009 the number was just shy of 400. Complementing this increase in the programming participants was the Target program, which grew to approximately 2000 other young people. This was accomplished through utilizing the schools, YMCA, Boys and Girls clubs, and churches.

In 2009, The First Tee of Tuscaloosa County adopted The National School Program which is now being taught in all 13 of the Tuscaloosa city elementary schools’ PE classes as part of their curriculum. The chapter is currently working toward getting the National School Program in the remaining 18 county elementary schools. When this gets accomplished The First Tee of Tuscaloosa County will reach close to 98%of the young people in the county within 6 years.