(Ages 9 – 17, Bridging the gap between some play experience and wanting to play competitively)

The intermediate level will be introduced to the main golf course and develop course management skills. This skill level will learn the concepts of green reading, trajectory and roll, swing path and plane, angle of attack, and launch angle.

-Stance, Posture & Alignment, Ball position, Stroke, Distance control
-Green reading

Chipping & Pitching
-Grip, Stance, Posture & Alignment, Ball position, Distance control
-Club selection
-Trajectory and Roll

Swing (Irons)
-Grip, Stance, Posture & Alignment, Weight transfer, Follow through
-Rotation & Spine Angle
-Swing Path and Plane

Fairway Woods/Hybrids
-Stance, Posture & Alignment, Shoulder turn, Ball position, Follow through

-Stance, Posture & Alignment, Ball position, Tee height, Rotation and turn
-Angle of attack and launch angle

Main Course Play & Etiquette